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P/013/2024- Sri. Dr. P.N. Premachandran
The appellant Dr. P.N. Premachandran is the consumer under Electrical Section, Peroorkada which is under the Vellayambalam Electrical Sub Division with consumer No. 1145082009119. The appellant is the owner of the house no. TC:24/498 and has been rented out to Smt. Lathika Kumari for running a ladies hostel. Thiruvananthapuram corporation had found out that this ladies hostel was functioning unauthorisedly without proper license etc., from the corporation authorities. Accordingly corporation had issued letters to the licensee vide letter dated 23/03/2022, 08/04/2022 and 12/04/2022 to disconnect the power supply to this house as it was functioning as hostel without license. Then the officials of licensee conducted an inspection on 11/04/2022 and found the tariff misuse in this connection. The building named ‘Indra Prastham’ bearing no. TC: 24/498 (old no. TC:04/546) belongs to the appellant and 3 phase connection was obtained on LT 1A tariff for the domestic purpose. The house was taken on rent by Smt. Lathika Kumari to run a ladies hostel and a rental agreement was signed on 01/12/2020. The site mahazar was prepared by the inspection team and connected load is found to be 6.409 kw. The tariff applicable for private hostel is LT 7A. The power connected on LT 1A was utilized for the purpose of commercial use where the tariff applicable is the LT 7A. As per the section 126 (6) (b) (iv) of The Electricity Act 2003, and its amendment Act 2007 that ‘for the purpose other than for which the usage of electricity was authorised’ prepared the provisional assessment for an amount of Rs. 66,987/-. Then appeal hearing was conducted by AEE, Vellayambalam and attended by Smt. Lathika Kumari, the occupier of the house. The assessing officer confirmed the amount and sanctioned 4 instalments for paying the amount. The occupier has not paid the amount and then the licensee has issued notice to the appellant who is the consumer. The consumer is contenting that he is not aware of this matter and the licensee have not informed the consumer about the developments. Now, the occupier has vacated the premises and the owner has to make the payment. The appellant filed the petition to CGRF and CGRF issued order dated 14/02/2024 stating that the petitioner has to file the appeal to the Appellate Authority as per section 127 of Electricity Act 2003. Aggrieved by the decision of CGRF, this appeal petition is filed to this authority.


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Created 2024-05-28 06:33:28