Electricity Act 2003, Electricity Rules and regulations

The Electricity Act 2003 came into effect from 10th June 2003 in the country. The Government of India has published Electricity Rules under the Act.
The Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission has issued several regulations as stipulated in the Electricity Act 2003.
The most important regulations related to Consumers of electricity are listed below. You can download these regulations from the download section of our web site. You can also use the search bar for locating it.
You can also down load the regulations from the web site of Regulatory Commission (www.erckerala.org) . Amendments and draft proposals for amendments are also published in the above website.
The important Regulations related to Consumers are:

* Kerala Electricity Supply Code, 2005 (As amended subsequently) - These Regulations applicable through out the State
cover the Codes and Practices to be followed by
all Distribution Companies and Licensees in the State.
* K S E Board Terms and Conditions Of Supply, 2005- These Regulations are applicable to the Consumers of KSE Board
only.These Regulations cover almost all the Consumer-related matters.
* Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission (Licensees' Standards of Performance) Regulations, 2006-
These Regulations are related to the Standards of Performance
the Distribution Licensees are expected to maintain.
* Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission (Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum and Electricity Ombudsman) Regulations, 2005- Thses regulations are related to the manner in which the Consumers can resolve
their Complaints and Grivances .The CGRF and Ombudsman have to function
in accordance with these Regulations
In addition to the above the Terms and Conditions related to Tariff and Electricity Charges are also published in the website of Regulatory Commission.

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Consumers should submit  petitions to CGRF first before appealing Ombudsman.

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