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Electricity Ombudsman
Sub : Inviting Quotation for watch and ward services to Electricity Ombudsman’s office building. In order to facilitate the watch and ward requirements at the Electricity Ombudsman’s office at D.H. Road & Foreshore Road, near Gandhi Square/BTH, Ernakulam South, you are requested to submit your most competitive quotation covering terms & conditions, rate, etc. as per the prescribed format: Terms and Conditions 1. This contract will be for a period of one year and will be extended for a period of one more year if the service performance is found satisfactory. 2. The payment will be released on monthly basis after the completion of the services successfully. 3. An undertaking is to be submitted by the agency mentioning that they will guarantee the services and also responsible for the damages, if any, and will be repaired / rectified / replaced at their cost. 4. All the labour regulations in place and amended from time to time such as minimum wages, IT etc. are to be abide by the agency in providing the services. 5. The security personnel posted should be with good physical conditions, good conduct and able to communicated with the visitors and staff properly. 6. The personnel found with any misbehaviour / improper conduct / intoxicated are to be replaced by the agency on urgent basis. 7. If the building is unmanned at any time or staff absent from the duty, suitable penalty will be levied on the agency as decided by the Ombudsman. 8. The Police clearance certificate issued not below the rank of Dy. Superintendent of Police from their area of residence is to be submitted for the personnel posted for the services. 9. There should be an overall supervision by the agency to ensure proper service all the time. 10. The detailed credentials of the firm are to be submitted along with the quotation. 11. Satisfactory performance report of at least two clients is to be attached along with the quotation. 12. The office of the Ombudsman reserves the right to reject the quotation. 13. The office of the Ombudsman reserves the right to terminate the contract without assigning any reason by giving one-month advance notice. 14. If the firm would like to exit from the contract, they should submit at least three months’ notice in advance. 15. The agency has to quote the rate and amount in the quotation duly signed and sealed and the same is to be submitted to the office of the Ombudsman in a sealed envelope. 16. The sealed quotation is to be reached the office of the Ombudsman on or before 3 PM on 17-08-2022. 17. The quotations will be opened at 3-30 PM on 17-08-2022. 18. The successful bidder has to execute an agreement in a non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.200/- on receipt of the order. Name & Authorized signature of the Agency QUOTATION Sl.No. Item Qty. Rate/month Total amount for one year 1. Providing watch and ward services to the Electricity Ombudsman’s office building on 12-hour basis from 17-30 hrs. to 05-30 hrs. on all days including Sundays and holidays, providing at least one person per shift. Access control, safety, security etc. are to be taken care by the watch and ward personnel. 12 months Name & Authorized signature of the Agency


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Consumers should submit  petitions to CGRF first before appealing Ombudsman.

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