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P/019/2024- Sri. Mohammed Khais- Jahangir Musaliar, M/s Pristne Plastics and Polymers
The appellant is the owner of M/s Pristine Plastics and Polymers on MSME unit at Mukhathala, Kollam. The HT power connection was availed during 2015 with consumer no. LCN 9/7625 AND WITH THE CONNECTED LOAD 182.176 kw and the contract demand 130 kVA. The power to this factory was disconnected on 31/07/2022 due to non payment of the power charges, invoking the Regulation 138(1) (a) of the Kerala Electricity Supply Code 2014. The power was dismantled on 19/04/2023. The dismantling period was considered a 6 months from the date of disconnection and accordingly the balance amount payable is worked to Rs. 8,35,075/- on adjusting the security deposit. The appellant aggrieved by the above said arrear and claimed that the demand is not as per Electricity Supply Code 2014. Filed petition to the CGRF and CGRF issued order dated 04/03/2024 stating that the appellant is liable to pay the demand raised by the licensee. Aggrieved with the decision of CGRF, this appeal petition is filed to this authority.


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Created 2024-06-06 03:48:00