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P/09/2024- Sri. Muhammed Kutty
The appellant shri. Muhammed Kutty is a consumer of the licensee (KSEB) under the electrical section, Venniyur, Malappuram. The service connection was LT 3 phase, availed on 29/02/2012 under the tariff LT IV with connected load 12.877 kw. The appellant defaulted the payment and the licensee asked to remit a total of Rs. 26,024/- including surcharge. The instalment payment has been accepted by the licensee based on the request from the consumer and even then the appellant has not made the payment. Then the power has been disconnected on 01/02/2022 and the dismantle notice has been served on 19/08/2022 on completion of 180 days of disconnection. The connection was dismantled on 26/09/2022. As the amount due was not paid, the Revenue Recovery proceedings have been initiated by serving a notice to the consumer through letter dated 10/10/2022. The appellant approached Honourable High Court of Kerala by a WP and the court directed the appellant to file the petition to CGRF. Accordingly appellant filed the petition before CGRF and CGRF issued order dated 30/12/2023 on completing the proceedings. This petition is filed to the Ombudsman as an appeal petition to the order of CGRF.


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Created 2024-05-28 06:27:49