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P/04/2024- Sri. Jacob Job
The appellant Sri. Jacob Job is a consumer under Electrical Section, Thengana with consumer no. 1148388024863. The connected load of the appellant is 4.985 Kw and he had applied for availing concession for using life supporting machine on 09/04/2021. The licensee has extended the concesssion of 100 units as per the Government Order. The appellant had installed solar plant of capacity 3.44 kWp and connected to the KSEBL Grid on 13/06/2022. The billing cycle had changed from bi monthly to monthly. The export of energy from the solar was higher than the import power and as a result only meter rent was billed in the energy bills. The appellant had submitted a complaint for evoking the concession already extended to him and credit the power in his account. The billing software adopted by the licensee (Orumanet), there is no provision to account this concession. As he was not consuming the supply from the licensee or import of energy in less than the export this concession could not be accounted. The consumer/appellant had filed petition to CGRF, AND CGRF issue order dated 04/12/2023 on completing the procedural formalities. This petition is filed as the appeal petition to the order of the CGRF.


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Created 2024-04-05 08:52:06