Kerala Electricity Ombudsman
Electricity Ombudsman is an authority providing an effective, alternate, time-bound and cost-less route for resolving the problems of the Electricity Consumers. Any person affected by deficiency in electricity-related-service can approach the Ombudsman for redressal of grievances.

Before approaching the Ombudsman the Consumer should see that other remedies available are expired. The consumer has to approach the officials of the Distribution Companies including KSEB, and then the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forums (CGRF-constituted by the Distribution Companies) for redressal of their problems. If the grievances are not satisfactorily solved by these authorities he can make appeal to Ombudsman. In other words, the Electricity Ombudsman is an appellate authority.

The Distribution Licensees, including KSE Board, have to comply with the orders of Ombudsman.If the Licensees do not comply with the orders of Ombudsman, the Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission (KSERC) shall take penal actions against the Licensees.

By approaching the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF) and later the Electricity Ombudsman, if necessary, the Electricity Consumers can resolve the disputes or grievances effectively within a maximum period of six months. These authorities shall settle the disputes in accordance with the provisions of Electricity Act 2003, Electricity Supply Code issued by the Regulatory Commission and the Terms and Conditions of Supply of the Licensees.

In Kerala the Office of the Ombudsman was set up at Ernakulam (Cochin) during August 2008. The Ombudsman received 114 appeals (representations) against the orders of CGRF till March 31, 2019. Out of these 99 cases disposed of during the year, Balance 15 Nos. pending.

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Consumers should submit  petitions to CGRF first before appealing Ombudsman.

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